CARE of your BISOUS jewellery

Pearls, corals, opals and other natural gemstones need love and care to stay shiny and beautiful, so to make sure your BISOUS jewellery last for a long time, please follow the guidelines below. 

All metal parts in your BISOUS jewellery are 925 Sterling Silver. The gold plated jewellery are plated with a thick layer of 18K gold. Over time the plating will be worn off based on the below factors of influence. This is normal and not a reason for a claim.

We are surrounded by chemicals in our daily household and unfortunately chemicals can be very harmful to jewellery. In particular, you should avoid your jewellery to be in contact with perfumes, lotions, soaps, oils, chlorine water, detergents, hairspray and other chemicals. Soap and dishwashing liquids can be directly destructive to delicate stones such as pearls, corals and opals.

Chemical products will settle on the jewellery and make it matte and gold and silver may turn black due to the acids. The acid will also increase the release of metals causing the gold plating on the 925S silver to wear off. So it is always a good idea to style yourself first and then put on your BISOUS jewellery. Let your make-up, cream/lotion and perfume dry completely before putting on your jewellery. 

Take off your jewellery when you do sports, swim, take a bath, go to the beach for sunbathing and when you go to sleep at night. 

All freshwater pearls become more beautiful from being worn because the contact with your skin preserves the shine and and life of the natural pearls. But even so, they are very sensitive to chemicals and should therefore be the very last thing you put on as part of your styling routine. 

Our recommendations in short: 

  • Avoid chemicals (perfume, lotion, hairspray and other cosmetics) with your jewellery
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery while doing sports, gardening, hiking or other activities that will make you sweat
  • Avoid exposure to water, salt, sun, chlorine and other chemicals
  • Take off your jewellery while sleeping
  • Store your jewellery in a dry room - never in the bathroom

Use the BISOUS ecological cotton bags to store your jewellery safely when you are not wearing them.